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Google Jamboard is a 4K whiteboard for cloud collaboration

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Although Google's online office software has enabled users everywhere to edit the same document at the same time through the cloud, it's not as good as writing ideas on a white board.

Although Google's online office software has enabled users everywhere to edit the same document at the same time through the cloud, it's not as good as writing ideas on a white board. Creative Google also seems to see this shortcoming, so the restructured business launched Jamboard in G Suite, allowing users to collaborate on the whiteboard that links the cloud.

谷歌 Jamboard 是一片可云端协作的 4K 白板

In terms of hardware specifications, Jamboard has a 55-inch 4K screen, a camera for Hangouts calls, HDMI and USB ports, which are actually similar to Microsoft's Surface Hub. Members in front of the whiteboard can use their own passive stylus and eraser, and those who are not there can use their own iOS or Android applications to collaborate through the cloud. The content they write will be synchronized on Jamboard, and then stored in G Suite, the cloud!

谷歌 Jamboard 是一片可云端协作的 4K 白板


谷歌 Jamboard 是一片可云端协作的 4K 白板

Google plans to sell Jamboard to G Suite customers for less than $6,000 in the first quarter of 2017, and has now offered testing products to companies such as Netflix, Spotify and Instrument. Interested companies can register on the website first, so that you can get this Jamboard faster.