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42 inch E Ink whiteboard appears in CES to support gesture touch operation

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Tencent Digital News (Sean) is getting bigger and bigger, not just traditional HDTV. At this CES exhibition, QuirkLogic, a Canadian technology company, demonstrated a 42-inch smart whiteboard with an electronic ink panel.

QuirkLogic与E Ink联合研发的电子墨水屏智能白板Quilla拥有42英寸的超大尺寸。

Tencent Digital News (Sean) is getting bigger and bigger, not just traditional HDTV. At this CES exhibition, QuirkLogic, a Canadian technology company, demonstrated a 42-inch smart whiteboard with an electronic ink panel.
According to reports, this intelligent whiteboard named Quilla is currently the largest electronic ink display in the world. It was developed jointly by QuirkLogic and E Ink in three years.
Quilla runs on batteries and is completely wireless. Whatever you write on it, it will be saved into a central repository based on mobile devices, allowing you to recover at will.
You can also load images into Quilla and tag them - everything will be saved automatically. In addition, it also provides a touch gesture system that allows users to copy, paste, move and zoom the above content.
As you can see, Quilla is a very suitable whiteboard system for enterprises. Compared with other expensive, complex digital whiteboards or giant touch displays (such as Microsoft Surface Hub), it should have an advantage in price.
According to the representative of Ink, Quilla's panel has a glass substructure under it, so the screen itself is not flexible. But they also mentioned that if demand for large, resilient (plastic backplane) e-ink displays increased significantly, the company might use flexible display panels in the future.

QuirkLogic与E Ink联合研发的电子墨水屏智能白板Quilla拥有42英寸的超大尺寸。

E Ink said it would then launch stand-alone displays with the same technology built-in, mainly for the label industry, which has a high demand for low-power screens.

E Ink will start production of the panel at the beginning of this year, while QuirkLogic has not yet announced Quilla's price and listing date.