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E Ink's latest ePaper module appears on a 42-inch digital whiteboard

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Given its readability in various lighting conditions and low power requirements, it is not surprising that E Ink technology has jumped from electronic readers such as Kindle to bus timetables, wearable devices and even interior design.
Given its readability in various lighting conditions and low power requirements, it is not surprising that E Ink technology has jumped from electronic readers such as Kindle to bus timetables, wearable devices and even interior design. The newly added E Ink Pearl series products have been able to meet the large screen display needs of the public information, retail and transportation industries.
The 4:3 ePaper display module has 2160x2880 resolution at 85dpi, and its thickness is only 1.64mm (0.06 inch). With a dedicated digital writing system, conference room presenters are allowed to send ideas to Quilla digital whiteboard using handwritten pens. Content can be saved automatically and shared wirelessly with other smartphones.
Many Quilla digital whiteboards can be linked together in a chrysanthemum chain to form a huge display wall. This digital whiteboard with built-in ePaper display module has built-in rechargeable batteries that can provide up to 16 hours of power-free use each time. This means that teams can attend meetings outdoors or on the road. The digital whiteboard weighs 22 pounds (10 kilograms).
QuirkLogic of Canada has not yet announced the pricing of Quilla's digital whiteboard, but it is expected to go public in the second quarter of this year.