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Microsoft quietly released Surface Hub 2:50 inch tablet

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On the evening of May 15, Sina Digital News reported that Microsoft had quietly released its Surface Hub 2 tablet shortly after Hammer had just released its Nut TNT workstation.

四屏互联的微软Surface hub 2

Surface hub 2

On the evening of May 15, Sina Digital News reported that Microsoft had quietly released its Surface Hub 2 tablet shortly after Hammer had just released its Nut TNT workstation. The device is equipped with a 50.5-inch 4K + resolution display with a 3:2 screen ratio. Microsoft claims to redefine and change the boring meeting scene.

四屏互联的微软Surface hub 2

Surface hub 2

Surface Hub 2 is a special device for team work scenarios. Surface Hub 2 has a 50.5-inch 4K display on the front of the fuselage. It has a 3:2 ratio of length to width and a very narrow border, allowing up to four Surface Hub 2 patches to be spliced vertically or horizontally.

最多4块Surface Hub 2拼接

Up to 4 Surface Hub 2 splices

The side of the fuselage is equipped with 4K cameras, microphones, speakers and other sensors, which can help users achieve remote conference functions. Because 4K cameras are connected through USB Type-C interface, the number of cameras can be manually adjusted when multiple Surface Hub 2 are spliced together.

基于Windows 10打造

Building Based on Windows 10

Surface Hub 2 is built on Windows 10 and will use Windows Hello to make it easy for users to log in and start working. In addition, Microsoft has optimized productivity applications such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard and Office 365.
However, according to Microsoft, they are developing a dynamic collaboration solution for Surface Hub 2, which allows multiple people to use Surface Hub 2 at the same time. They can place their ideas and documents in a workspace at the same time.
Microsoft has sold Surface Hub to more than 5,000 customers in 25 markets. More than half of Fortune 100 companies have bought Surface Hub devices.

Surface Hub 2专用的桌面/壁挂支架

Desktop/wall mounting bracket for Surface Hub 2

Microsoft has also introduced Surface Hub 2 desktop/wall mounting brackets as a companion.
Surface Hub 2 is expected to be officially launched in 2019. Officials have not yet disclosed pricing information, mainly for corporate customers.