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Future Blackboard Dell has launched a new 75-inch 4K touch screen for Education

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Dell today announced the launch of a new display: a 75-inch 4K touch screen dedicated to educational purposes as the blackboard of the future - although it's basically just a giant 4K TV.
Dell today announced the launch of a new display: a 75-inch 4K touch screen dedicated to educational purposes as the blackboard of the future - although it's basically just a giant 4K TV.
Dell 754K Interactive Touch Display (C7520QT) is officially named for collaborative work and interactive teaching. The monitor supports 20-point multi-touch, so multiple users can work together on a single monitor and use a hand or stylus, which the company calls "almost compatible with all industry-standard software." It's a similar idea to Microsoft's Surface Hub or Google's Jamboard, although there's a weaker overall software push that focuses more on education and Dell.
The display also has a "Dell Screen Falling" function, which Dell claims is "the first accessibility function in the world to improve user accessibility at different heights." In other words, users can easily switch three different height settings using buttons on the side of the display.
Dell's 754K interactive touch display will go on sale on April 30 for $5,999.99, with two passive stylus - although Dell says it's for education, it looks good to close and display movies if your teacher decides to spend a day.