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Samsung attacked Microsoft and Google through its Flip collaboration display

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Samsung is tracking new displays from Google and Microsoft to help people collaborate more effectively. Flip is a digital whiteboard that connects devices and provides users with collaborative space to discuss and share ideas.

Samsung is tracking new displays from Google and Microsoft to help people collaborate more effectively. Flip is a digital whiteboard that connects devices and provides users with collaborative space to discuss and share ideas.

三星正在追踪谷歌和微软的新显示屏,旨在帮助人们更有效地合作。Flip是一种数字白板,可连接各种设备,为用户提供协作空间,供他们讨论和分享想法。  三星通过其Flip协作显示攻击微软和谷歌  它与Microsoft Surface Hub和Google Jamboard类似,大型显示器在工作场所提供类似用途。这三家公司都看到了未来大型触摸屏成为会议室的核心,取代了投影仪,电视机和老式白板。  lip与其竞争对手的不同之处在于其屏幕安装在旋转铰链上,使用户可以将显示器旋转90度成水平或垂直方向,以便最佳地显示所显示的信息。  Flip将连接到其他三星设备,允许人们将手机投射到显示器上,并通过点击更大的屏幕来控制智能手机的内容。它还具有HDMI输入,可以连接计算机软件协作。  送货日期和价格详情仍然无法使用。  今天的推出是三星在拉斯维加斯举行的消费电子展上的First Look活动的一部分。该公司展示了不同显示器的大杂烩,包括一台名为The Wall的146英寸电视,以及使用人工智能来提升低分辨率内容的新型8K显示器。

Samsung, through its Flip collaboration, is attacking Microsoft and Google, similar to Microsoft Surface Hub and Google Jamboard, and large displays offer similar uses in the workplace. All three companies see the future of large touch screens as the core of conference rooms, replacing projectors, televisions and old-fashioned whiteboards.

The difference between lip and its competitors is that its screen is mounted on a rotating hinge, which enables users to rotate the display 90 degrees horizontally or vertically to display the best information displayed.

Flip will connect to other Samsung devices, allowing people to project mobile phones onto monitors and control the content of smartphones by clicking on larger screens. It also has HDMI input to connect computer software collaboration.

Delivery date and price details are still unavailable.

Today's launch is part of Samsung's First Look event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company showcased a hodgepodge of different displays, including a 146-inch TV called The Wall and a new 8K display that uses artificial intelligence to enhance low-resolution content.