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Major Enterprise Team Cooperation, Google launched 4K giant tablet "Jamboard"

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Google recently launched a 55-inch 4K tablet called "Jamboard", which is a team player with a similar overall concept to digital whiteboard.
Google recently launched a 55-inch 4K tablet called "Jamboard", which is a team player with a similar overall concept to digital whiteboard.
Jamboard carries a special Android operating system and works mainly through G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work). To simulate a common whiteboard, Google designed a model called "Jam" to store words and pictures handwritten by team members. Finally, these Jams will be stored in Google Drive, which can not only pull out edits on Jamboard devices, but also synchronize to other Jamboards, as well as users'mobile phones and tablets.
In addition to the basic touch function, Jamboard also comes with a handwritten pen and "eraser" that do not need to be charged or paired, and can be used casually as a general whiteboard pen. Jamboard also has microphones, lenses and audio on it, which can communicate remotely with other mobile devices or Jamboard. Google also launched Jamboard App for mobile devices, but the mobile version only supports storage and reading, and only tablet App allows editing of Jamboard files.


Google 日前推出一款 55 寸的 4K 平板“Jamboard”,主打企业团队合作,整体概念类似数码电子白板。

Google said it had worked with Netflix, SpoTIfy and other companies in the design process to see if the "whiteboard usage" designed by Google with its own experience was suitable for other companies. BenQ is also involved in some of Jamboard's functions.
Jamboard's price hasn't been announced, only knows it won't exceed $6,000 and offers a variety of colours.