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TV is a blackboard? Samsung IFA Launches Electronic Interactive Whiteboard

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On September 2, 2016 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (IFA2016) was held in Berlin, Germany. As the world's leading consumer electronics and household appliances trade exhibition, it attracted many manufacturers around the world to bring a large number of new products to the exhibition. 

On September 2, 2016 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (IFA2016) was held in Berlin, Germany. As the world's leading consumer electronics and household appliances trade exhibition, it attracted many manufacturers around the world to bring a large number of new products to the exhibition. Samsung, as the world's largest brand of household appliances and the first brand in the field of commercial display, has launched the current technology-leading interactive electronic whiteboard.


Samsung Interactive Electronic Whiteboard

Samsung can be said to be a pioneer in the commercial display industry, and quickly occupy a larger market share, thanks to the technical and innovative products of Samsung. Especially the electronic whiteboard, Samsung interactive flat panel electronic whiteboard display screen has pre-installed touch protection screen and various functions to strengthen cooperation, effectively alleviating the complex and unnatural misunderstanding of digital display screen writing. Bring a smooth and comfortable writing experience.


Divided into two sizes


Samsung interactive whiteboard built-in Magic IWBS interactive content management software solutions. Without using a separate dedicated PC or additional device, the touch-based floating menu can be activated and switched freely between the multi-screen interface and multiple text, image, audio and video content files. Moreover, Samsung interactive whiteboard has strong connectivity, supporting multiple signal input sources (HDMI, D-Sub, DP, DVI and USB ports), enabling users to access, share and revise content at any time through their notebooks, tablets and smartphones.


Experiencers graffiti freely on the screen

Samsung interactive tablet whiteboard uses multi-touch technology, allowing up to 10 touch points, and supports two people to write on the screen at the same time without affecting each other. Giant screens also provide a broader and clearer view for off-stage viewers. In order to further increase the convenience, Samsung interactive electronic whiteboard display has set up a manual erase tool, which breaks the shackles of erasing through special removal function keys and makes content revision faster and easier.


Samsung Mirror Display

In addition, Samsung has introduced a new mirror display in its exhibition area. The experiencer can see himself in the display screen, showing a hologram-like display effect. The main audience of this product is the retail stores that want to provide customers with virtual fitting experience. Maybe in the future you will see it in the barber shop and the fitting room of the shopping mall.