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Successful price increase! Microsoft Surface Hub is still booming, exceeding expectations

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The current 55-inch version sells for $8999, while the 84-inch model sells for $21,999. But delays and price rises have apparently not hampered its success, and Surface Hub has been a hit.


涨价成功!微软Surface Hub依旧火爆,超出预期

The current 55-inch version sells for $8999, while the 84-inch model sells for $21,999. But delays and price rises have apparently not hampered its success, and Surface Hub has been a hit. In a statement, Microsoft said that Surface Hub was in excess of supply, and it is now increasing production to ensure that it can keep up with the needs of its business customers.

涨价成功!微软Surface Hub依旧火爆,超出预期

So far, Microsoft has shipped Surface Hub to more than 500 customers worldwide, and the number continues to grow. Microsoft is accelerating production to meet strong orders from Microsoft partners and distributors as soon as possible. Microsoft has not yet released the specific sales figures of Surface Hub, which may not even be expected by Microsoft itself. This Surface Hub will sell so well.

涨价成功!微软Surface Hub依旧火爆,超出预期